1. Role
    Product Designer
  2. Timeframe
    2015 to 2018
  3. Industry
    Media, Communication, Digital news


Formerly known as Tuenti, this project headquartered in the center of Madrid, leads an ambitious plan to create, implement and maintain a robust design system to boost consistency across multiple Telco brands.

Novum is supporting this apps to scale.

The Challenge

I was part of one of the key teams responsible for feeding the design system with a huge amount of features and experiences. My team required me to make sure the bridge created between the design system team and the development team was holding strong and tight. Every delivery to stakeholders was in fact a great achievement not only for me but for all the people involved in the process.

Design system

Novum’s Design system is user-centric, mobile first, scalable and with a clear vision of what goals to achieve in the future. To scale the product ecosystem there was a need to centralize all the global decisions in a core team focused on giving all the guidelines to build new components, features and experiences.

Design process

The global plan of action is a logical and meaningful culmination of the current good practices with an efficient thinking process. Design process was organized like this:

The global design process implemented in the majority of my projects.The design process used at Novum (Tuenti)


Novum is doing an incredible job. I’m glad I’ve had the extreme privilege to work with such talented people. Keeping consistency across multiple brands is definitely what Novum’s is best at. It’s the rules, constraints, and principles implemented in both design and code that will create a single source of truth.


Demonstration of how Tuenti behaves. This app is fully packed with Novum components.