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Hi, I'm Célio. I love creating digital products, which is why I'm a Product Designer by choice. I have a healthy obsession with design systems, user experience, and keeping my design team in shape.

Photo of Celio Pires
Photo of Célio Pires

I was born and raised in Portugal and spent my childhood there before moving to Spain in my twenties. I began programming, designing, and building websites in the 1990s and founded my first company at the age of twenty.

Since then, I've focused on user experience, product strategy, design systems and leading design teams. Currently I Lead Design teams during the day and I'm a Product Designer during the night.

As a designer, my aim is to create viable, beautiful and easy-to-use products that solve real-world problems.
The scope of my work varies, but always revolves around user experience, visual design, user research, and creating experiences that matter to users. My belief is that product design should be meaningful and impactful, and that it should be about making life easier for users rather than about making products for them.

A good designer knows that there is no right or wrong way to design something, only different ways to make something.

Let's design world-class products. Together.

If you would like to just say hello 👋 feel free to drop me an email. Also follow my social activity on Linkedin and Twitter