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I'm a Product Designer with over 10 years of experience. I now lead design teams and digital products.

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Selected Projects

This section demonstrates how ground-breaking concepts are transformed into amazing goods. Work areas include visual design, interaction design, user experience, and product design.

  1. Metallicus
    Management · Design Systems · Web3
    San Francisco, USA
  2. Clutch
    Design Systems · SaaS
    Lisbon, Portugal
  3. Telefónica
    Design Systems · Mobile App Design
    Madrid, Spain
  4. El Español
    Interaction · UI · UX · Design Systems
    Madrid, Spain
  5. Observador
    Interaction · Visual Design · UX
    Lisbon, Portugal

Other Work

I've been developing new side ventures every year for the past several years. This is what motivates me to advance over time and fosters my overall growth.

  1. Taglicious
    Mobile App Design · UI · UX · Interaction
    Madrid, Spain