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With an extensive background in Product Design, I have progressed to a leadership role where I now oversee design teams and digital products.

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Selected Projects

This section shows how wonderful products are made from great ideas. I focused on human computer interaction, user experience, and product design.

  1. Metallicus
    Management · Design Systems · Web3
    San Francisco, USA
  2. Clutch
    Design Systems · SaaS
    Lisbon, Portugal
  3. Telefónica
    Design Systems · Mobile App Design
    Madrid, Spain
  4. El Español
    Interaction · UI · UX · Design Systems
    Madrid, Spain
  5. Observador
    Interaction · Visual Design · UX
    Lisbon, Portugal

Other Work

For the past few years, I've been starting up new side projects. This helps drive my progress providing me with a continuous source of motivation and stimulation.

  1. Taglicious
    Mobile App Design · UI · UX · Interaction
    Madrid, Spain