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This project was funded by the Google News initiative

The project

Short videos generated automatically from El Español’s media content. Every published history is stored, indexed and identified by a tag or a keyword, to facilitate search and discoverability. Taglicious will fetch those tags looking for any type of media then it will combine them with sound and animated text. Rather than spending money on a big budget production, journalists can now, with just a few clicks, generate high quality videos in seconds.

Taglicious - Mockup with the main Taglicious app
Taglicious - Mockup with the main Taglicious app

The challenge

The way we consume information is continuously being reinvented. New technologies, devices, experiences are being improved every day. Video content is king. It is an attractive, versatile and extremely sharable medium to reach a large number of people from all audiences. This format will definitely enrich histories with great multimedia content, which will improve engagement and time on page.